Got some sleep, feel refreshed

I made a vital mistake yesterday. I decided to continue coding for a few hours after I got tired. In that time, I was coding badly, taking a long time, and was uninspired in general. I’ve gotten about 5 hours of rest now, got some breakfast and went back down to the pool for a swim and some sun. (Instant noodles because I am lazy)


I feel completely refreshed now, and ready to get back to some grunt work. I have most of the coding infrastructure down, just a few things left to code now. The thing I am dreading most is the AI. I’ve never worked on any AI before, so I really have no idea where to start with this one. After all that, I still need to make all the actual content to put in. This includes designing the buildings for the map (should be easy since the map is procedural), making some menus (I’ll just throw something quick together), doing the art (oh shit), and make some sounds (OHH SHIT).

I am putting off the art and sound to the last bit because even without it, I want a playable game, rather than a pretty picture that does nothing. Ok. Enough procrastinating. Back to work!


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