First working build

Spent most of the day coding here and there. Progress is going slower than I had hoped. I got stuck on way too many stupid things such as slashes going the wrong way, or capital letters working on some systems but not on others. After all that, I have a small prototype of what I had in mind. (All the squares are just placeholder graphics until I draw characters, etc)

Download it here:

Screen Shot 2013-08-25 at 2.37.07 AM

While I am not moving as fast as I can, I am still fairly optimistic about making an interesting game. I feel like I spent way too much time trying to make my code pretty and flexible. Really I should have just been hardcoding the whole time trying to get it done. I guess the good thing about this is that I can add additional features without much hassle.

So far, the game has the ability to create maps out of lots of different building designs. I just have to get round to designing lots of buildings. Not much in term of gameplay yet, you have control for 10 seconds, and then the AI takes over for 5 seconds making you run around like a headless chicken. I’ve added civilians and policemen, but they don’t do anything besides wander around for now. Simple movement, no path finding yet so they often get stuck inside the houses.


I had a lovely dinner (pepper crab!), and I would be lying if I said I haven’t had a few caffeinated beverages.


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