Sun, food, exercise, and ideas

Being in Singapore, Ludum Dare starts at a perfect time for me (9 am). It’s nice to wake up, get ready and get working on the game right away. Once the theme was announced (10 seconds), I decided to grab some breakfast and head down to the pool for a relaxing brainstorming session.

Lying by the pool

I had a nice time swimming and lying in the sun, which really helped me relax. This helped me forget about any distractions, and let me just zone out to do some proper thinking. In about an hour and a half, I managed to make up my mind on what I wanted to do, and most of the specific details about gameplay. This is going to be an ambitious one.

The theme for this competition is “10 seconds”. I decided that whatever game I make, the main gameplay would revolve around something happening or changing every 10 seconds. After quite a bit of playing around with ideas, I finally decided upon a game where you play as a character with Multiple Personality Disorder/Dissociative Identity Disorder. Every 10 seconds, you lose control of your character, and the AI takes over control for a period of time. The goal of the AI is to kill as many people as possible, and wreak havoc in general. Your main goal would be to get your character to a mental institute before getting arrested/killed. There would be lot’s of civilians around, as well as policemen on patrol. In your 10 seconds, you have to try to get your character in a position where he will cause the least amount of chaos by keeping him away from things like knives and other people.

That is the general idea for the game in any case. I personally have not worked on a game with such a large scope before, and have never worked with any form of AI aside from path finding. I may not be able to complete this Ludum Dare, but I will definitely do my best to attempt it.

If I don’t end up finishing in time for the compo, or even the jam, it still seems like an interesting game to me. I will probably try to develop it further after. Maybe add in multiplayer so you take turns with a friend controlling the character. That is way ahead in the future though, for now, I need to get coding!

LD27 Day 1 - Lunch

Oh, and I have lunch all nice and prepared for when I get hungry. 🙂

If you want to read the text file I created while brainstorming, click here.


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