ASTEROIDS! Ludum Dare results

Wanna try the game? Click here!

The results are in!

I am actually pretty happy with my results, coming in 416th place amongst a community of very talented individuals. Considering this is my first Ludum Dare, and the second game I’ve made, I think I did not bad at all. This, along with the comments I got on my game have definitely inspired me to make more games, and I will definitely try to take part next Ludum Dare.


Coolness 62%
#100 Humor 3.40
#310 Fun 3.26
#416 Overall 3.30
#443 Graphics 3.19
#455 Mood 3.00
#537 Audio 2.74
#790 Theme 3.30
#1169 Innovation 2.17

My strongest category was humour. I am pleased with this because I did put in quite a bit of effort in writing the dialogue, and including funny easter eggs. Second was fun, which I am again very pleased with. Because my game is an action-arcade type game, it should focus on the game mechanics and being fun to play. I went with the decision of making the game short, but very difficult to play. I personally prefer this decision, but I’d bet that if I made it easier with more progression, I think I could have scored quite a lot higher in fun and overall. How well I did in graphics surprised me since it was just some quick programmer art thrown together. Innovation did extremely poor, but that is understandable since I didn’t really put any groundbreaking mechanics or anything into the game.

Something I am really disappointed with was how badly I did for theme. I personally thought that it followed the theme really well with minimalistic controls and gameplay. I guess people had more of an expectation for minimalistic graphics though, so I will definitely think about the theme more next time.

Overall, I am very pleased, and will use the experienced gained to try to do better next LD!

Wanna try the game? Click here!


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